The Due Diligence Process Plan Handbook for Commercial Real Estate Investments

There’s a huge problem in the commercial real estate business that nobody is talking about- DUE DILIGENCE. The vast majority of investors, real estate brokers and commercial real estate professionals barely scratch the surface conducting their due diligence when purchasing commercial real estate investments. Investors are taking unnecessary risks and throwing money away or making bad investments, by not properly performing due diligence. Brokers are putting themselves at risk for potential litigation and missing an opportunity to help their clients as a true ally by learning these principles.

 Having and adhering to a proven system keeps you from missing something and allows you to do it faster, easier and more efficiently. 

 I’ve been in the commercial real estate industry for over 30 years and “didn’t know what I didn’t know” until I became an acquisition person for an investor and his investors. Some of these lessons were expensive, emb